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The site - - was developed with the purpose of being accessed by any visitor. Therefore, the site was developed in conformance with the W3C’s recommendations and guidelines and the WAI’s accessibility guidelines.

The programming languages used for the content and structure are XHTML Strict and PHP. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were used to position and present the elements in a graphic and appealing way. The use of JavaScript was kept to an absolute minimum, and a text-only version of the site was also made available to visitors. versión del sitio exclusivamente textual.


The home page of the site shows the Plásticos Raer, S.A. company logo and the company’s slogan in English ("Engineering, manufacturing and global services in plastic packaging"), which summarises the company’s activities: design, manufacturing and comprehensive services in the production of industrial plastic parts.

Beneath these two elements, the page displays ten rectangular images placed in the same horizontal line. These images appear one after the other, with subtle contrasting light and colour effects. A selection of the plastic parts manufactured by the company are displayed in the various images: perfume and cosmetic parts (lids for creams, perfume vessels and bottle caps) and the clinical sector (tubes, caps, lids and other utensils).

The company’s address and contact details appear directly below these images, which is alongside buttons to access the site in four different languages (Spanish, Catalan, English and French), accompanied by a phrase to invite visitors to access that particular content.

We also offer the visitor the option of accessing both the current page (Accessibility) and the text-only version of the site directly from the home page.

The copyright information along with links to the legal notice, the site map and the Axikon site (the company that developed this website) can be found at the foot of the page in a straight row.

The overall structure of each page, which defines the main body of the site, is based on the following: (from top to bottom) a top menu for accessing the current page directly from any other page of the site, as well as the translation of the site in four different languages; a header with the logo and a row of images of products (similar to that of the home page); a main menu to access the pages with the most relevant content; the contents of every page; and the same footer as the home page.


To facilitate navigation of the site, we have designated the following key combinations for easier access:

[Internet Explorer: Alt + key + Enter; Mozilla, Firefox 1 and Chrome: Alt + key; Firefox 2 or higher: Alt + Shift + key; Opera: Shift + Esc + key]

Key designations from all pages:

  • A: Site accessibility page (this page)
  • L: Legal notice (footer)
  • S: Site map (footer)
  • M: Send an e-mail to Plásticos Raer, S.A.

From home page:

  • S: Access to the site in Spanish
  • C: Access to the site in Catalan
  • E: Access to the site in English
  • F: Access to the site in French
  • T: Access to the text-only version

From all pages other than the home page (main menu):

  • 0: Home page
  • 1: Company
  • 2: Manufacturing
  • 3: Perfume and cosmetics
  • 4: Clinical sector
  • 5: Other sectors
  • 6: News and events
  • 7: Contact

From the Manufacturing page:

  • U: Engineering and design
  • O: Moulds
  • I: Injection
  • E: Assembly and finishing
  • D: Quality control laboratory


Don’t forget you also have a detailed description of all relevant images and animations available on the site. Access to them is possible by means of the "longdesc" attribute, which links directly to the page containing the description.

The use of Flash animations was kept to an absolute minimum. The site contains a total of four animations: two on the home page (logo and row of images), a header on every page, and a row of five pictures of the company, which appears on several pages.